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good evening. i’m here today to talk to you about something that’s foremost on all of our minds this anime season:


now, of course, the big ticket item this year is the august ver. nozomi. unfortunately, due to low chances, many boys and girls are going to be very disappointed when they do their honor student rolls. i, however, will not be disappointed, for you see

i. have three. nozomis.

so, what do i do first? do i… admire the artwork? do i look at her intentionally overly-emphasized breasts? do i create a team to worship her greatness? the answer’s, of course, yes.

because i. have three. nozomis.

i have one for my smile unit, one for my pure unit, and one for my cool unit. why?

because i have three nozomis.

now i realize that while i have three nozomis, some of you out there have a nozomis of your own, and be thoroughly enjoying your purchase. but, imagine how i must feel with three nozomis.

i think you’ll find that i’m enjoying it three times as much.

now some of you may be thinking, it’s ok, i didn’t want a nozomi card anyways. and it’s true, it is okay, because you’re not getting one - and i, conversely, have three. nozomis.

let me put it like this:

imagine you have one cake, and i have three cakes. this is like that, except you have no cakes, and i. have three. nozomis. also, i have this cake

i only have two nipples. but i have three nozomis

is it worth it, to have three nozomis, when i can’t afford food for three weeks because of it? well, i submit to you that hunger is merely physical, whereas you will never be loved. by three. nozomis.

now you may be trying to cover for your lack of nozomis by displaying a nico UR. you may even say that playing with nico is just as much fun as playing with nozomi.

this is obviously the talk of someone who does not. have three. nozomis.

this graph illustrates how many nozomis i have, versus how many nozomis you have:


as you can see, your column has zero nozomis, whereas i. have three. nozomis.

and so i will leave you with these simple words to consider this anime season:

i. have three. nozomis.

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To all monster high fans, this just in the series is getting anime shorts in japan, I hope ever after high is next


 Allison, my best buddy this is for you and getting to love two things.

Sneak peak of ‘Fantasy Parade’, an exclusive clip from Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition (x)

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宝塚歌劇雪組公演『ルパン三世-王妃の首飾りを追え!-』『ファンシー・ガイ!』制作発表レポート [ref]

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New Big Hero 6 tv spot

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Haunted Mansion Merchandise Shop Opens At Magic Kingdom

Liberty Square’s Yankee Trader has been replaced by the new Memento Mori, a shop featuring exclusively Haunted Mansion merchandise (and of course they had to wait until I didn’t work there anymore.)


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Why am I so obsessed with this character???

Abel belongs to kinomatika

holy GOODNESS this is GORGEOUS!!


Off to kill the Queen.

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There was nothing I could’ve done.

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#HotelT Fun Fact: Hotel Transylvania has 1,250 rooms and 950 guest rooms.

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High Quality Hans in 500px [4/?]

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Kimura Yu Models Royal Princess Alice's new collaboration print with Tama called “Sweet Grave”. It will be available from Kera Shop Arena Osaka in early October.

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masterarrowhead :

always meant to clean up This sketch and color it

I guess the time was 5:00 a.m. to do so