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I swear I’m fluent in English OTL

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Title: Poor Unfortunate Souls Artist: Pat Caroll 9,667 plays

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le 1- Always post the rules
Rule 2- Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new ones
Rule 3- Tag 11 people and link them to the post
Rule 4- Actually tell them you tagged them

My 11 Questions:

❀ What is your dream? 

/incoherent laughter

❀ Digimon or Pokemon? 


❀ Do you have any secrets that eat at you?

 lol yup

❀ What is your strangest eating habit?

Uuuh there’s this certain cake I like to eat by scraping all the frosting and then eating the cake part layer by layer.

❀ Is there something that you wanted to tell someone but missed the chance to?


❀ If you could vacation in any fictional or real location, where would it be?

Japan because I’m a disgusting weeb. 

❀ What piece of advice would you give to anyone?

Don’t do it.

❀ Have you ever lived outside your home country? (Where and why please!)


❀ Is happiness overrated? 


❀ What times do you like to wake up and go to bed at?

They’re too erratic.

❀ How do you feel about spoilers?

If see them, it’s my own fault.
look grimy13 i did it
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i’ve entered a whole new level of hell

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sext: id soft boil you an egg everyday until either the world runs out of eggs or we cant afford eggs anymore

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guess who put some makeup on :V

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It’s good to be bad!

There have been many weeks of celebrating our wonderful Disney heroines and heroes, but where would they be without their villains? It’s time to make an entire week devoted to our favorite evil friends. Each day, there will be a new prompt! Feel free to post gifsets, photosets, art, etc. Keep in mind this includes Pixar as well. Tag everything you make with #villainsweek !

Day 1 (July 20th) - Favorite underrated villain

Day 2 (July 21st) - Favorite villain song

Day 3 (July 22nd) - Favorite villain’s clothing

Day 4 (July 23rd) - Most evil/disgusting villain

Day 5 (July 24th) - Best/funniest villain moment

Day 6 (July 25th) - Best villain death/defeat

Day 7 (July 26th) -This day is dedicated to your overall favorite villain!

Get reblogging!

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Day 4: Most Evil/Disgusting Villain → Darla

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New Haunted Mansion Booster Pin set to be released Aug 28 #disney #disneypins #hauntedmansion #madameleota